great ideas come from the simplicity

My name is Csaba Gerencsér. I'm a full stack software developer and UX/UI designer living in the beautiful sunny island of Malta.
I'm deeply passionate about great and simple-to-use software solutions.


LAMPP Control Panel

LAMPP Control Panel is a simple alternative GUI control panel for the XAMPP for Linux web development distribution. It can handle separately installed daemons too.


Cavity Eye Hungary Kft.

Cavity Eye is a pressure sensor, data acquisition and control instrument with software that helps to analyse and control the injection moulding process by cavity pressure measurement.

website development based on WordPress and Divi theme engine, brochures, catalogues

Poli-Tech 2005 Kft.

Poli-Tech 2005 is a supplier of Cavity Eye Hungary since 2013.

corporate identity, website, brochures, catalogues



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